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As a young man full of life and energy in 1982, I was forced to give up my dreams and ambitions, because of a new disease that swept the country. At that time, physicians told me that as a gay man my chances of surviving were slim to none and to start making plans and peace with family members. As I looked around, not wanting the fun and parties that I had drawn me to San Francisco to end, I feared that the rumors were true. One by one, two by two, and then 20 by 20, I started to…

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When it comes to men and their enlarged prostates (BPH), these are the stereotypes they face:

Men don’t care about their health.

Men don’t like going to the doctor.

Men ignore their health issues and keep mum about them.

Men would do anything to avoid a digital rectal exam.

Men don’t talk about their prostates.

Only men’s wives care enough to buy their husband a prostate supplement.

Men care more about their cars than their own health.

Although some of these may be true for some individual men, we can’t lose hope that there are men out there who do…

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I watched a short documentary a few weeks ago on an elderly lady from Hong Kong living in NY and was struck by her experience of navigating life alone in a big city.

Here are a few statistics I found on this issue:

-27% of adults ages 60 and older live alone in the US. That is more than any other country!

-Older adults living alone are more likely to report feeling anxious or depressed compared to adults living with other household members.

-Living in isolation without strong support significantly raises the risk of illness and injury.

-Seniors in the…

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